Swimmers choosing to participate in swim meets are responsible for paying entry fees for those events.  Entry fees include a meet surcharge from Arizona Swimming, a $7 surcharge from MAC and a fee for each individual event a swimmer races (MAC pays for relays). For travel meets, families are responsible for costs such as transportation, hotels and meals.

You can find specific meet costs on the meet flyer linked under the event on the website. 

MAC Championship Meet Progression:

Championship meets are end of the season meets which require a time standard to attend.  Age Group Championship Meets include: JO’s, State, FW and American Age Group Championships

Senior 2 and Senior 3 Championship meets include: JO’s, State, and Far Westerns

NTG and Senior 1 Championship meets include: State, Sectionals, Futures, Juniors and Nationals.  

At times there may be exceptions to these general guidelines. First, 14 year old athletes may be permitted to attend a senior level championship meet at coaches discretion if they have competed and finaled at Far Westerns or AAGC, as a  14 year old, have a minimum of 90% attendance, and collaboratively it is considered to be in the best interest of the athlete. However these athletes will be required to travel with one of their parents An S2 athlete may be permitted to attend Sectionals if they qualify, have 90% attendance and are on track to move into the S1 group the following season.


Sectional Swimmer Policy