Mesa Aquatics Club Behavior/Rules Waiver


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Mesa Aquatics Club – TEAM TRAVEL RULES 

Part A: Hotel & Travel Etiquette 

1. Swimmers are expected to be respectful to coaches, officials, meet marshalls athletes and parents at all times. They must treat drivers, hotel employees and premises, restaurants and race sites visited with equal respect. Do not damage the property of others. Swimmers shall clean up after themselves and behave in an appropriate manner while in vehicles, hotels, and the swimming venue.

2. Athletes must stay in groups of two or more during rest stops and free time – this includes going to dinner, walking around a mall or city (should we go to one) or stopping for meal while traveling to and from races. Any swimmer who wants to leave the hotel (i.e. for dinner) must get approval from the coach or head chaperone and let the coach/chaperone know when they leave and when they return. ATHLETES ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE GROUP WITH A FAMILY MEMBER. THIS NON-PARENTAL FAMILY MEMBER MUST BE APPROVED PRIOR TO THE TRIP BY THAT SWIMMER’S PARENT(S). Non-MAC friends may join the group for outings such as dinner with prior approval from the coach.

3. Under no circumstance may athletes go anywhere alone. 

4. The coaches will designate and chaperone a ‘common room,’ which will be a location for meetings and socializing by the team; except for the common room, swimmers are not to visit others’ hotel rooms. The door of this common room must remain propped open. Boys and girls, are not to be alone in a room with a member of the opposite sex at any time. 

5. Room assignments will be set in advance. You must stay in the room you are assigned to. If you have a personal reason for not wanting to room with someone, please communicate your concerns with the coach and head chaperone prior to departing on trip. There is no switching of rooms unless authorized by the coach or head chaperone.

6. All swimmers must attend the team meeting held prior to each days prelims/finals – the time and location of this meeting will be announced when we arrive at the hotel. 

7. At the team meeting, curfew time will be announced – all swimmers must be in their assigned rooms at curfew. 

8. After curfew, all athlete rooms are expected to be quiet and athletes to sleep in a timely fashion. Remember, we are traveling for an athletic competition, so any swimmers who create unnecessary noise or keep their roommates awake will bear the consequences as determined by the coaches. 

9. “Lights Out” means phones should be off as well. No calling from room-to-room and no cell phones use after curfew. 

10. Minor swimmers are not allowed to drive themselves or others to and from the facility. 

11. Never swim alone. Always swim with a buddy under coaches/chaperones supervision/rules. 

12. Be considerate of others, no excessive noise, roaming the halls, horseplay, etc. in the hotel or elevators. 

13. Chaperones and coaches have the right to enter and inspect a room at any time. 

14. No strangers are allowed in any room at any time 

Infraction of the following rules (Part A Rules 15-17) by a swimmer is a major infraction, resulting in a swimmer being sent home at his/her parent’s expense. 


15. During free time at the hotel, swimmers may ONLY be in the following places: 

a. Assigned hotel rooms (see rule 3 above) 

b. Hotel pool 

c. Hotel Lobby 

d. Local site/mall/restaurant for touring/dinner (see rule 2 above) 

16. No swimmer may leave his/her room after curfew. Rooms and hallways will be monitored after lights out. Swimmers must remain in rooms until leaving to meet the team in the morning. 

17. At no time are swimmers to be in possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, nicotine or vaping products. Failure to follow this rule will result in removal from the team. 

18. At the coach's discretion athletes may be asked to turn off and avoid use of their cell phones during parts of the trip. Examples of this would be during team meetings, during team meals, during meet sessions when athletes are expected to cheer for their teammates. At no time will athletes be prevented from using their phones if there is an emergency, a scheduled call, etc. all of which should be discussed with the coach.

Part B: Swim Meet Etiquette 


1. At the team meeting the night before the meet, swimmers will be assigned departure times for the pool and all event and heat/lane assignments will be reviewed – it is expected that all swimmers will know when they swim.

2. Swimmers are expected to show sportsmanlike behavior on and off the water. 

3. Swimmers should be dressed in Mesa Aquatics club apparel, Speedo suits (review MAC tech suit policy with your coach!),warm-up’s, team shirts and MAC team caps and team suits for competition. In inclement weather swimmers should be prepared with multiple layers and parkas. At no time is apparel that has non-MAC/Speedo logos, inappropriate sayings or foul language allowed during travel or competition. 

4. Swimmers should never leave the pool without first clearing it with their coach and the head chaperone. The only way we will allow a swimmer to leave the race site is with their family (See Rule 2 above).