Mesa Aquatics Club takes pride in considering all aspects of swimming regarding the competitive development of our athletes.  Our team culture has an enormous impact on our swimmers’ success.  The aim of the policies outlined below is to define that culture in order to (1) improve our unity as a team and (2) ensure that our attire at meets and practice is consistent with our philosophy. Please read the team uniform policy outlined below and direct any questions to the head coach Meg Zajdzinski at [email protected]

MAC is sponsored by Speedo

The decision on what company we have chosen to partner with is determined by a number of factors: 1) Does the company have a long term history of producing high quality product 2) Does the company have a history of maintaining year in/year out inventory that makes it possible for coaches and athletes to consistently get their hands on product 3) Does the company produce a broad range of styles/fit to ensure the widest range of athlete sizes are accommodated 4) Does the company provide uniform support to coaches and staff 5) Does the company provide meet support in the form of awards, banners, backstroke flags, etc. Speedo is the only company that was able to answer “yes” to all of these requirements


Tech Suits

Speedo “Tech suits” include

Aquablade, Power Plus, Power Plus Prime, LZR Racer Pro, LZR Pure Valor, and LZR Pure Intent. These suits are engineered to reduce a swimmer’s drag in the water, artificially enhancing performance. We believe that this is not appropriate for younger swimmers to use a swimsuit to this effect. We want our developing swimmers to value hard work, skill, and technique as the means to improvement.  In addition, these suits rely on compression to function properly. Many young athletes have not developed enough to get this benefit, and in fact could be hindered by a loose fit that fills with water easily. We feel that “tech suits” undermine these values. We will save the boost from a “fast suit” for when our swimmers are older.

Our team policy is that all swimmers 10 years old & under are not permitted to wear a “tech suit” at practice or in competition in any USA Swimming meet. This policy applies to prelims, finals, and relays at both in-season and championship meets.  

Swimmers who are 11 years or older on the first day of the meet in question may wear a FINA-approved tech suit at championship meets ONLY or with the Head Coach or Head Age Group Coach’s permission.  Championship meets are defined as those end-of-season meets where a swimmer is shaved and rested and focused on a peak performance. Tech suits for 11 years and older swimmers are not required.

Team Suits

At meets, we want to make our presence known as a team.  We are proud to swim for MAC and dressing uniformly is a way for us to unite as a team.

Our team policy is that for all USA Swimming meets (other than when a swimmer wears a tech suit in compliance with the policy above) all swimmers are required to wear a team suit.  Our team outfitter is East 

Valley Sports.  See contact and order information below.  

We have selected the following options for our team suits:

For Girls:

Option 1: SPEEDO Solid Black Flyback, w/MAC Team Logo

This suit has spaghetti straps, is polyester for a longer wear, and is generally preferred by older girls.

Option 2: SPEEDO Solid Black “The One” Back, w/MAC Team Logo

This suit has spaghetti straps and is a more open back on sides and lower back. It is made out of polyester for longer wear, and is typically preferred by our older girls.

Option 3: SPEEDO Solid Black Super Pro, w/MAC Team Logo

 This suit has traditional wider straps, is polyester for a longer wear, and is generally preferred by the younger girls.

For Boys:

Option 1: SPEEDO Solid Black Jammer, w/MAC Team Logo

This suit extends to the swimmer’s knee and is made of polyester for longer wear.

Option 2: SPEEDO Solid Black Brief, w/MAC Team Logo

This suit is a traditional cut and is made of polyester for longer wear.

Online Ordering:


In Store Purchases & Questions:  

Ski Pro

1924 W Rio Salado Parkway

Mesa, AZ 85201


Practice Suits

Swimmers are not required to wear a team suit during practice.  Any other swimming suit that meets the common standards of decency and does not interfere with a swimmer’s ability to use proper technique is permitted to be worn at practice.

Swim Caps

If your swimmer wears a cap at meets, it must be a MAC cap.  Having all of our swimmers wearing the same cap encourages team unity and enables our coaches to easily spot our swimmers in the pool. Note that MAC has a basic “red” cap that is also available customized with the athlete's name on it, this cap is to be worn by all MAC swimmers at non-Championship meets. For swimmers who obtain State cuts or higher they are allowed to wear a black MAC cap (also customizable) for Championship meets and select prelim/finals meets

Team Shirt

All new swimmers receive a red MAC team shirt when they join. In addition MAC has black and white team shirts and during multi-day meets a “shirt of the day” is posted and athletes are required to wear that color. We also highly encourage our parents to join in on the shirt of the day color and show your support for the club and your athlete! In addition each Championship season some of our Championship and/or travel teams will get commemorative tee shirts, this info will be sent out at those times

Warm-up’s, bags, etc.

Warm up jackets/pants, swim bags, all are required to be Speedo products, in addition it is our team policy that swimmers are not allowed to wear team gear from another team or school while at meets.  

  • We recognize that in rare cases some athletes body types will simply not fit into a Speedo Tech suit. If you have a concern about this here is the procedure for working through this:

  1. Make an appointment with EVS (or the Speedo Rep if they are available) to be fitted

  2. If it is determined by a manager at the store (or the Speedo Rep) that the athlete cannot make a Speedo product work they will be given a signed note from that person which is to be turned in to the head coach

  3. ONLY a solid black suit may be substituted and the logo needs to be blacked out and tag removed

  4. If a suit needs to be purchased at an away meet from an on-site vendor same rules vs color/tags apply and athlete/parents much get the MAC coach on that trip to approve.