College Recruiting for MAC Swimmers

This discussion is dedicated to helping Mesa Aquatics Club Swimmers find a College/University Program that is desirable both athletically and academically to them. Below you will find useful tips and information on recruiting and links to various websites that can help you select the best program for you!

Enclosed are some helpful links, sample letters, and general guidelines to assist you in understanding the process.  There is a great deal of information available and NCAA rules change yearly so we suggest that the Coach, Athlete, and Parent set out as a team to tackle this process.

Expectations are important and everyone plays a role if this process is to go smoothly.  Ideally, a MAC Coach has met the college coach, has some prior knowledge of the program, and some experience and judgment whether the athlete, college, and team could be a good fit.  After you make your list show it to Coach Meg and he can help move this forward.

The athlete has a good idea of where they would like to go, what type of team they would like to swim for, and how they might fit in academically and socially.  Talk with your parents and your coach.

The parents know their child and also know what can be afforded if a scholarship is not to be offered.  Help the coach understand what you are looking for and what you are trying to accomplish for your son or daughter.  All these factors come into play and each party brings some knowledge to the table. It is critical that honesty and frankness be part of the discussion as college can be very expensive.

Here are some major factors to consider in determining the right fit for the athlete:

  1. Location – the region of the country, proximity to home, and climate.
  2. Academic – workload, majors offered, post-grad opportunities
  3. Cost – what is the cost to the family when all scholarships are offered.
  4. Size – is the school body on campus large, medium or small.
  5. Coach and facilities – will the working relationship be productive
  6. College Atmosphere – does the college and surroundings offer what the athlete desires? Big City vs. Small College town,
  7. Type of Team – Men’s only, Women’s only, combined, tight-knit group, social setting, and team culture.

College Recruiting Information

Estimated Time Line The rules for recruiting literally change almost every year. Below is a link that is updated so you can follow recruiting timelines

Things to Remember through the recruiting process

  • Keep a logbook of summary conversations with coaches with a date.
  • Prioritize what you are looking for: swim, academics, weather, fun, other activities, etc.
  • Check team and school websites ( and  
  • Be honest!
  • Interview on recruiting trip is important - be prepared.
  • Go through the NCAA clearinghouse for eligibility.
  • Refer all unknown questions to Coach Meg.
  • Do your research before making a decision.
  • Save all pertaining websites in "Internet Favorites" for quick access.

List of Helpful Links for Recruiting Information